Why Adoption?

{this is Holly}

In my neighborhood growing up, there were two families who had adopted children and they were very open about their adoptions.   I was fascinated by the idea of adoption and I just knew, even that young, that adoption would be a part of my life at some point.

When I got older I started to have some woman problems and my doctors told me it would be very difficult for me to bear children. I was understandably upset, but a little voice deep inside whispered sweet comforting things about adoption.

When I met Nathan and we began dating we talked about adoption and I was relieved to find out that he was all for it.  After we were married and we decided it was time to add children to our family and we thought we would be like every other couple we knew and have babies right away.  Even though in my heart of hearts I knew our children would be added to our family through adoption, I hoped that just once I could feel a baby move inside me and be able to experience the joys (and even the pains) of pregnancy. Through the course of many years of fertility treatments, I was able to conceive three times, but sadly none resulted in a sweet baby to bring home.

Looking back now a small part of me wishes we would have gone straight for adoption, but I have learned so much through our struggles and I think it will make being mother that much sweeter.  Going through what we have has made us better people and will make us better parents. I have heard many times that God works in mysterious ways, and I am convinced of that now.

{ok, back to us}

We think the idea of open adoption is a wonderful one.  It puts the your mind at ease, knowing you can keep an eye on your child as she grows and it also helps when explaining adoption to our child. We want our children to grow up knowing their adoption stories.  We don't feel like it is a secret that should be kept from them, but rather a story that should be shared and celebrated.  While we would like an open adoption, we understand that you may not be comfortable with that and so we are completely flexible.

Our families and friends are excited for us and enthusiastically support our plans to adopt (you can click here to see what some of them have to say). Nathan has a large family, he's the youngest of seven and there are already twenty nieces and nephews that will be excited for a new cousin (or cousins!). On Holly's side of the family there are only three grandkids so far (with two more on the way) so her side is just starting.

We are open to children of either gender and of any race. We are aware that having children that do not look like us will present special challenges, but we are up to the challenge!

We've been documenting our adoption journey with photos all along the way.  It was something we waited so long to start, that we just couldn't contain our excitement!

Mailing our initial application.  October 24, 2010.

Getting fingerprinted for our background checks.  January 9, 2010.

Interviews with our caseworker.  February 9, 2010.

When we were {{FINALLY}} approved, we celebrated by getting Coldstone.  May 19, 2010. 

Our adoption journey has not been an easy one.  In July 2010 we endured a failed placement.  A woman carrying twins had chosen us to be the parents of those sweet little angels and for many months we excitedly looked forward to their arrival.  Shortly before their birth, the adoption plan unraveled and we were heartbroken.  But even through the painful heartache of a failed placement we still know that adoption is the road we were meant to travel.  We know that someday we'll get our miracle, and what a sweet day that will be. 

You can email us anytime at nathanholly7@gmail.com