Us As Parents

We have had a lot of time to discuss the type of parents we want to be. We got to live near two of Nathan's brothers and their families for a few years while we lived in Rhode Island and more recently we lived near Holly's brother and his three young children. We also have been able to observe as our friends have begun families; it has been great for us to watch them all and learn from their parenting styles.

Holly and her nephew Blaine.

We believe education is very important. We will do everything to help our children succeed in school. We believe a fundamental step to a good education is reading. Both of us love to read, and although our tastes in reading material differ, we both see the effect reading has in our lives. We plan to read to our children from the very beginning, in fact we already have a bookshelf full of books waiting to be read.  

Us at Nathan's college graduation.

We believe in encouraging the talents in our children, whatever they may be. Growing up Nathan took music lessons from a young age, and Holly was involved in softball and piano. Each child is born with special talents and it is a parent's responsibility to help their children pursue their dreams.  If that means driving them to music lessons or sitting in the bleachers or taking them to space camp, count us in!

We want to teach our children sign language from the very beginning. Neither of us are deaf, but Holly has seen first hand that a child can communicate earlier through signing than through speech.  We have a little book of signs that Holly keeps on her nightstand, and together we're learning the basic signs.

We want to encourage creativity in our children.  We can't wait to make homemade playdough and fingerpaint with chocolate pudding (because then you can eat it!).  We look forward to museum trips and days at the zoo and time spent as a family putting puzzles together. 

We know that you cannot parent all children the same way, that your parenting styles must adapt to the personality of the child.  We know it is important that regardless of style that you always making sure to let your child know that you love and care about them.

We cannot wait to get sticky kisses, make macaroni necklaces and have crayon colored drawings to put on the fridge. We anxiously await the time we can proudly wear the titles of Daddy and Mommy.

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