As we have spent the last nine years together we have carried on traditions we had growing up and also formed many traditions of our own. We felt like sharing some of them with you would give you an idea what growing up in our home would be like.

Halloween Bash
When we first lived in Rhode Island we didn't know many people so we figured a way to get to know some friends would be to have a party...and Halloween was the closest holiday.   Almost every year since then we have thrown a big bash that includes plenty of gross treats and lots of games...costumes are required.

One of the pumpkins Nathan has carved.

Halloween 2008...we were this.

Every Christmas Eve all the kids and grandkids get a pair of pajamas from Holly's parents. Some years they all match, and some years they don't. 
Nathan's mom makes pajamas each year for all of her grandkids (19 and counting). She is a great seamstress - we can't wait to have little ones decked out in original Grandma Alice Jammies.
We also started the tradition of making homemade doughnuts and ice cream on Christmas Eve.  We'll eat the doughnuts and ice cream and watch a holiday movie.  
Christmas morning we do a big breakfast before opening any presents, that way we know we'll have good food in our stomachs before we eat all the treats in our stockings!

We both love to travel. Whether that means an hour scenic drive or a spur of the moment trip to Disneyworld...we're game. The Navy is a perfect lifestyle for us because it places us in some of the greatest locations in the nation...and even the world.  We also travel quite a bit to visit family, since we don't live close by.  Two years ago for Thanksgiving we made the 6 hour drive to spend the holiday with Nathan's sister and her family. 

Us at Niagara Falls

Spending Time Outdoors
We love spending time outdoors.  Biking, swimming, canoeing, hiking or camping...we like it all!  One of Holly's favorite places to go is Bear Lake, Idaho. Whenever we visit family in Utah we have to go to Bear Lake for at least a day.

Cooking hotdogs over the fire

On one of our hikes

With some friends at Bear Lake.

I know this may not seem like a tradition, but for us it has turned out to be one. As you have probably already noticed, most of the pictures of us involve goofy faces. That is just us...goofy. We love funny movies and playing games because they feed our laughter addiction.  Nathan has a personality that can get anyone fact, he says things sometimes JUST to get someone to laugh.

 At a family reunion a few years ago we had fun taking stupid pictures of ourselves in our tent.  
We laughed so hard we got teary eyed. 

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