Our Story

We first met in college. We noticed each other around campus for a year or so and also saw one another in classes and the university bands.  Holly says she asked Nathan out once and he rejected her - although he 'claims' not to remember the occasion. We hung out on several occasions, because his roommate had a crush on her roommate. We were also in the same congregation at church for a short time.
Homecoming at Utah State University.  October 2001.

In the summer of 2001 we were both on the leadership staff for the marching band at the university (band geeks...it's ok, we know we're nerdy...but we're cool nerdy) and we 'met' again at leadership training. We started dating and knew we were meant to be together.  We were engaged in November 2001 and married on a beautiful, snowy day in February 2002.  It was quick but we wanted to have it all done before Nathan went to Navy bootcamp.

In May of 2002 Nathan left for Navy bootcamp. Holly stayed behind to pack up the apartment and then met him in Virginia in August.  We lived there while Nathan completed his training and then in February 2003 we moved to Newport, Rhode Island.  He got out of the Navy in May 2006 to finish his degree.  After graduation he had trouble finding a job (economy stunk!).  We looked at a lot of options and we kept coming back to the Navy; it was an decision we made after lots of thought and plenty of prayer.  As a Navy Musician, Nathan (and Holly) really get the best of both worlds: all the perks of military, but with permanent shore duty. That means he'll never be deployed to a war zone (Pfew!), or spend extended time on a ship.  The best part is that Nathan is one of the lucky ones who gets paid to do what he loves!  It was a tough decision to make, as joining the military will take us away from family, but we know it is where we're supposed to be and we are excited at the adventures that wait for us on the shores and ports of the world.

 Seneca Lake, New York.  May 2006. 

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