All About Holly

I was raised in Ogden and Pleasant View, Utah. I am the oldest of four children and the only girl. I excelled in school (I'm nerdy...what can I say) and my love of music and arts began early. I took piano lessons for one year when I was 11, everything after that has been self taught.

When I started Junior High and was signing up for classes I was told I had to do band or choir, I chose band because my mom was in the band in high school. That decision would affect the remainder of my life. I played flute & piccolo in the band throughout Junior High and High School as well as in college. In my Junior year of High School I decided to try out playing drums, which I did and I fell in love with them. I got one of the boys in the band to teach me and my Senior year I was on the drumline. In college I played flute in the symphonic band but played tenor (the one with 4 drums) and snare on the drumline for the marching band.

I love to cook. I love to plan big meals and have people over for dinner. I'd like to think that everything I cook turns out great, but if you want to hear a funny story ask Nathan about the Lemon Rice...

Homemade Apple Pie

I like to scrapbook and have made albums for my own family as well as others, in the form of wedding and baby gifts. I like to look back through them and remember the laughs we had and the places we've been. Since we don't always live near all our family, it is nice to be able to look through them and see pictures of all those we love.

I love photography.  I feel like I get a different perspective of the world when I see it through the lens of a camera.  I'm still learning all the features of my camera and I can't wait to have little ones to practice on.

Here's some trivia:
 (Don't worry, there won't be a quiz)

Middle name: Dawn...just like my mother's and (hopefully) just like a daughter some day

Nicknames: Hollywood, Mouse, Holly Hobby and Holinator

Are you taller than your mother or father? Yes, poor short mom

Do you cry often during movies? Yes...I even cry over sappy commercials

Favorite smells: Right after a rainstorm, crisp fall evenings by the ocean, kittens

Favorite time of day: Sunset

How many pillows do you sleep with? One, and I have to share it with Winston...he thinks it's his bed.

Do you play an instrument? Yes: flute, piccolo, piano and an amazing assortment of percussion instruments

Have you ever been skinny dipping? Yes

Did you do any sports in High School? Um...does Marching Band count?

What is your favorite article of clothing? Shoes.  Definitely shoes...this week?  My new Madden Girl glitter stilettos. 

What is your dream vacation? On a beach, with a book and a Pina Colada

If you were an animal what would you be? A cat - hands down....someone feeds you, cleans up your poop and I get to just sleep all day... sounds good to me

What is your favorite “me- time” activity? Reading in our hammock

What is your dream car? 1967 Ford Mustang convertible. Cherry Red with white leather interior

What is one of your weaknesses? I get my feelings hurt easily

What do you fix for dinner when there’s nothing to fix? Take-out

If you could live in a different decade/era which one would it be? The 60's or 70's

Do you consider yourself outgoing? Yes

What is something you are constantly working on? Losing weight

Any hidden talents? I am a WICKED fast silverware polisher...and I can walk in 5" stilettos

What is a word or phrase you overuse? I don't know.  I use it when I'm frustrated...and usually at the end of a sentence.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish, but haven't yet? Run a marathon

The best piece of advice you've gotten? Don't stress over something you cannot change

Dressed up for 70's day at work.  I made those bell bottoms and that sash!  Oh, and I wore this the day of our adoption intake interview...yep, yep I did.  We sure got a lot of funny looks in McDonalds when we stopped for breakfast.

Holly: Through the eyes of Nathan

The other day we were playing a game that asks different questions. One of the questions was to describe your mother in five words. Well obviously I am not going to describe my mom but it started me thinking of what words I would use to describe Holly.

I have never known anyone to be as sensitive to others feelings than Holly. It is like she has a built-in sensitive radar that she can detect what others need. Our nephews and nieces love Holly because she makes them feel like they are the most important person alive. When I have a bad day she always knows what to do to help me. She also has a tender heart towards animals. She hates to see any animal suffer or be hurt. Holly found a little kitty on the side of the Highway, abandoned. She felt so bad for him that she stopped the car and spent ten or fifteen minutes trying to get him to come to her so she could bring him home and care for him. We had him for two years before he got sick and passed away.

If you ever want to know what passionate means, just meet Holly. Whatever she is involved in, there is no distracting her. Whether it be politics, scrapbooking, camping, or watching her New England Patriots. Holly is a self motivator and does not need other people to tell her what to do and how to do it.

A while back we were at Holly parent's house and each of the kids took an IQ test. Holly tested at Genius levels. Holly only needs to read things once and she has it. I always have to ask Holly what does this mean or what does that mean. I am sure she is getting sick of me asking her things all the time. If it wasn't for Holly I would really be a mess. Holly is always reading and studying and trying to gain knowledge to better herself for the present situation that she is in. When we first started trying for kids Holly read book after book about how to be a good mom and how to care for children.

Holly inherited this from her mom and I think it is her greatest asset. Whenever someone she sees is without she will find a way to give and provide for that someone, even when we were in school and tight on money to pay the bills for the month. I wish I was more like Holly in this and I just count my lucky stars that I get to stand next to her and be associated with her.

With all the sensitive and giving sides to Holly she still knows how to have fun. Everyday she brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh even when I don't feel like laughing. Any situation that Holly is in she makes it fun. Camping, playing games, shopping (my favorite), or just going on an evening walk we laugh and have a good time. Our nieces love Holly, because she will let them paint her toenails, fingernails, and braid her hair. Who wouldn't love an aunt like that?

I hope this helps in seeing Holly through my eyes. She is my everything and life would not be worth living without Holly in it. Holly would be an exceptional mother and I hope that someday she will have her wish, that of being a mother, granted her.

A very fitting Christmas gift.  Christmas 2008

Animal: Cat
Board Game: Settlers of Catan
Book: 1984
Candybar: Mounds
Card Game: Pounce
Cold Cereal: Cinnamon Life
Color: Purple
Drink: Diet Coke
Food: Thai
Holiday: Halloween
Ice Cream: Cherry Chocolate Chip
Movie: My Fellow Americans
Restaurant: RA Sushi Bar
Sport: Football
Team: New England Patriots
TV Show: The Office or Seinfeld

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