What We've Been Up To Lately

June 2012
A lot has happened since our last post...we finalized Miles' adoption and moved to Italy!  We will be living in Italy for the next 3 years for Nathan's job.  Not a bad place to be! 

~ ~ ~
May 2011
May has been the best month of our lives.  On May 16th we received a call that a sweet baby boy had been born and we needed to get to the hospital.  We packed the car, drove 27 hours straight and got to hold our little boy for the first time just before midnight on May 17th.  We feel so blessed to have Miles in our lives.
Us holding our sweet baby boy for the first time...
the crazy hair and baggy eyes are courtesy of the 27 hour drive!

~ ~ ~ 

April 2011
April has been a month of extreme happiness and horrible sadness.  We received a phone call early in the month about adopting a baby girl who had been born the night before.  We were ecstatic!  We quickly packed, jumped on a plane and flew across the country.  When we landed we received the terrible news that the adoption would not be happening.   Again our hearts are broken, but we know that our children are out there somewhere...and someday all these struggles will be worth it. 

~ ~ ~
March 2011
March was a big month for Nathan.  He took his semi-annual advancement test (we'll find out how he did in a few months) and he celebrated his 32nd birthday this month.  He was so excited to get his new running shoes: Vibram Five Fingers Bikila LS (Holly calls them alien shoes).   
Nathan got to eat his birthday cake straight from the pan!

~ ~ ~
February 2011
In February we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary!  It's hard to believe it's been nine years since that cold February day.  We didn't get to do much in the way of celebrations on the actual day because we were stuck due to a huge blizzard.  We both had the day off work (you couldn't really get anywhere anyway) so we took advantage of a day at home and watched movies, played games and took a nap. 
The flowers Nathan got Holly for our 9th anniversary...Star Gazer Lilies are her favorite.
See the gray fluffy body half-hiding behind the flowers?  Winston thinks floral arrangements are a Kitty Salad Bar...which although cute, isn't safe.  So after we snapped the picture they were put way up high where he couldn't eat them.

Shoveling out after the blizzard.

Winston all dressed for winter. 

~ ~ ~
January 2011
January was a pretty uneventful month for us.  We spent time unpacking and settling in to our new place.  We did get to go to our first Bulls game, someone from church hooked us up with a couple free tickets.  
It has been really cold here, we're looking forward to spring!

~ ~ ~
December 2010
December was a busy month at our house - because we moved!  Our new place is a nice townhouse in a quiet neighborhood.  We are close to parks, restaurants and shopping (Target is only 5 minutes away!!).  We moved only a few days before Christmas so the holiday this year was kinda hectic.  We're still working on unpacking.  Winston is adjusting well to his new home, he loves having so many windows to look out...he loves to spy on the neighbors.
The biggest news of the month is that Holly turned 30!  We celebrated by going out to dinner with friends and of course with a fabulous Death by Chocolate cake from our favorite bakery.
Here are a few pictures from the month:
Holly's b-day shoes, Nathan on Santa's lap (he asked for a baby) and Winston in his winter hat.

~ ~ ~
November 2010
Nathan was named the Sailor of the Year for the base! Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony:

We spent Thanksgiving day with some friends and their family that lives in the area.  And then we partook in the all important tradition of Black Friday Shopping.  We were up and out the door by 3:30am all in the name of bargains.
Heading out the door for Black Friday Shopping...Nathan still looks a little sleepy

~ ~ ~
October 2010
October has been quite a busy month for us!  Our congregation at church split and Nathan was asked to be president of the men's organization and Holly was asked to be in the presidency of the children's organization. 

Nathan got a great honor towards the end of the month, he was named Sailor of the Year for the Navy Band where we're stationed!  He will compete for Sailor of the Year for the base and if he wins he'll get some more bling for his uniform - (which is always a good thing!) and some points towards his advancement exam.  Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Halloween was low key at our house this year.  Holly caught a nasty virus and slept most of the weekend...but she did manage to put on some Halloween socks.  We put Winston back in his pirate hat and of course, Nathan couldn't resist trying it on.