Our Families

Holly and her family, Christmas 2008

Holly is the oldest of four and the only girl. Her family is very close and loves to spend time together doing just about anything: camping, hiking, playing games, shopping, eating (did we mention that Holly is a fabulous cook?) or just sitting around talking.

Extended family has always been important in Holly's life. She spent many Sunday evenings visiting grandparents, summers were spent camping with cousins and aunts & uncles, and the holidays are always full of lots and lots of relatives!

Holly and her mom and sister-in-laws at Six Flags during their Girl's Weekend.  May 2010


Nathan's family...well a good chunk of them.  Summer 2007

Nathan is the youngest of seven, he has five brothers and one sister.  He has three brothers that are also in the Navy Music Program and so his family is scattered...and while that is sad for his mom, it is good for us because that means there is always a chance we will be stationed near one of his brothers!  His family has always been a musical one...the big band at our wedding was made up of his siblings and a family friend on piano. 

Nathan, his sister and one of his brothers at the Spam Museum during a trip to Minnesota.  June 2009

No matter where we move with the Navy we always make it a top priority to get back to see family as often as we can...and we are always excited when family or friends come to visit!  Family is very important to us - both our small immediate family and our large (well ok, HUGE) extended family. We can't wait to add some leaves to our family tree.

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